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If you don't know anything about emergency or disaster preparedness you have come to the right place.  The first thing we recommend is that you click on the blue link.  Here you will be able to purchase a guide that will not only give you strategy but also gives a list of goods to have. http://ICE1979.surviveany.hop.clickbank.net
 X-treme Survival Products and Services
What do you do when there is an emergency or disaster and there is no gas, no phone, no electricity, no refrigeration, no water, or no food?  Come see us, we will help you answer these questions.

We at Emergency Survival Made Easy offers X-treme products and services for emergency or disaster survival.  Emergency Survival has spent years researching what products you and your family should have on hand in case of such situations.  We have put together our families survival packs and through this process have learned that not all products are the same.  What is in most survival or emergency kits is just the bare minimum.  Usually the kits and lists consists of 3 bottles of water per day per person, band aids, a few aspirin, maybe a fruitbar, and a package of hope.  We feel that most kits and lists are just not complete for any long emergency or disaster. Would you want to be in a situation like this with your family and not be prepared?  Even if you were making $1,000,000,000 a day in interest on your investments, if an emergency or disaster hit would you want that interest money or would you like to have a million dollars in survival gear and supplies?  The CHOICE is YOURS but someday you may have to live with that decision and it would be ashame to not have what you need during an emergency or disaster.  We consider our gear very valuable and every penny spent is a wise investment.  You may not have tons of money laying around but you can start building you and your family's survival pack starting today by buying our comprehensive list so that you will know what you may need.

Here is an example:  Water weighs around 8 lbs. per gallon so if you have 4 in your family and each person uses roughly 3 gallons per day (which is very conservative) that would equal 96 pounds of water per day.  Now if you would have to carry that it would get quite heavy very quickly.  With our company we can show you a device that you can have up to 500 gallons of drinkable water and our device only weighs roughly 15.6 ounces.  What a difference and if you are like most the 15.6 ounces would be the way to go.  Also while we are on the subject of water did you know that water has to be rotated.  There is a shelf life on water.  It wouldn't be very good if an emergency or disaster hit and you thought that those 100 gallons were good to go, and you find out that the water was bad because you didn't rotate the water.

* Not all products are created equally *

Second example:  Batteries - we all know there are non-rechargeables and rechargeables.  However did you know that the rechargeables can differ not only in the amount of times they can be recharged but they can vary in the amount of usage between charges.  Of course you would like to have the best batteries possible in the event that an emergency or disaster should hit.  These are the sort of things that our company has considered when putting their survivor packs together for their families.

We all know that we should be prepared for an emergency or disaster, however very few of us knows where to begin.  With Emergency Survival Made Easy we can walk you and your family through the steps needed to be prepared for those unexpected situations.  From knowing where to go and what to take is what our company can do to help you and your family.  Our services range from making your family a complete survival gear list (for you to put together on your own or we can put one together for you) to consulting families and large groups on where to go and what to take.  We invite you to visit our services page to see what we have to offer along with our prices to help you and your family get prepared for an emergency or disaster. There will be discount coupons and other offers that you might be interested in so please fill out the short form below so that we may contact you with all the details and please leave your comments so that we may better serve you.


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 If you are looking for an excellent survival guide then click on the following link:   http://ICE1979.surviveany.hop.clickbank.net .  Here you will find all of the gear that you will need, along with how to choose your secondary location, and what strategy to have when preparing your secondary location for emergencies, disasters or catastrophies.  This guide covers everything that you and your family will need to know on surviving anything.  It is one of the finest guides on the internet today and you and your family should have a copy packed in your gear immediately.  This is a must have item.
By September of 2010 there was over 260,000 deaths world wide.
The financial loss was over 220 billion dollars
FEMA aided in more disasters in this year than in any other year.

According to many sources 2011 will be worse than 2010 for disasters !
Are you ready to protect your family against disasters? 
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This link will take you to a guide that will give you not only strategy, but a list of goods that you will need to survive any disaster.  Time is of the essence, it is not a question of, if a disaster hits, but rather will it happen to you and your family tomorrow?  ARE YOU READY?  
2010 Statistics
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