How Our System Works
1. Purchase our most comprehensive list on the internet today.  Either item number 1000 or 2000. 

2. After you purchase your list you can either put together your own emergency kit or survival pack or we can customize a kit or pack for you according to your finances and needs.  If you decided to go on your own we offer phone consultation in case you get stuck or have questions.

3. If price is not the issue the most complete service would be the on-site consultation.  Our team can consult families or go all the way up to large groups such as subdivisions, communities, church groups, and or corporations.

***Keep in mind that our list is the most comprehensive list on the internet today and you get what you pay for.  If you go cheap that is what you will get cheap.  If you are in an emergency or disaster situation is cheap what you want for you and your family?  What is you and your family's well being worth?  We also offer consultation, how many companies or groups offer this until after the fact?  Our goal is to take the basic beginner and turn them into a complete, self reliant, survivalist.

* Be Safe * Be Smart * Be Prepared *