Emergency Survival Made Easy Services and Prices
Your purchases will be billed by Emergency Survival Made Easy.com.
1. X-treme Survivor List, our list consists of fossil fuel items and alternative fuel items that can be used in X-x-x-treme situations. Item number 1000 - $19.95
2. Express Survivor List, this is the same as the above X-treme Survivor List however instead of mailing it we email it to you for faster service. Item number 2000 - $24.95

3. X-treme Survivor Pak, with this item you must first purchase a Survivor List (either regular or email) then you can choose what you would like us to put together for you and your family. Item number - 3000 (price varies depending on items) please email us at orders@emergencysurvivalmadeeasy.com for the items you would like in your pak.
4. X-treme phone consultation.  We charge $150.00 per hour or any portion there of.  For example if you call and w     we talk for 15 minutes we still charge for a full hour.  In our consultation you will learn what to have on hand
in case of emergencies and disasters.

5. X-treme Family Consultation, Emergency Survival Made Easy will travel to your destination and put together a customized plan on where to go and what to take with you. This is usually a one to two day operation. We also charge all expenses incurred for this item to be billed seperately in advance. Item number 5000 - $2500 + Expenses

6. X-treme Community Consultation, this item is the same as number 5. with the exception that we will consult an entire neighborhood or large groups in a single location. Item number - 6000 $10,000 + Expenses

Emergency Survival Made Easy also accepts checks or money orders. Please send to the address below.  Please make sure to make checks or money orders payable to Emergency Survival Made Easy.com
Emergency Survival Made Easy looks forward to working with your group in the near future. If you have any questions or would like to contact us our contact information is as follows: 

Emergency Survival Made Easy.com

Box 1196

Smyrna, TN., 37167

Ph: 615-568-0051

Email: administrative@emergencysurvivalmadeeasy.com

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****  Prices May Vary  ****
7.  Emergency and Disaster Preparedness Seminar   Item Number - 7000 price $89.00